can create frameable art from 5”x7” up to 18”x24” An order form is available to assist in  commemorating any occasion or to have themed fine art for home, office or a gift. These collages are ideal for corporate retirement, business anniversaries or awards. Celebrated professionals do not need another plaque, so a custom career collage is a perfect alternative. Other special occasions the collage is suitable for include a wedding, graduation or the birth of a baby. Large collages have been created as an interior design element to highlight a favorite color. The possibilities are endless; so let’s explore the options together when you need a one-of-a-kind gift.

is available to perform for your club, organization, event or at your home. A variety of themed shows is possible and custom poetry can be commissioned for special commemorations.

is currently producing and marketing Joy In The Morning by Sharon Smith-Knight her collection of Romantic, Sensual and Eror=tic poetry. This is a collective of political viewpoints in poetic narrative. You will find this compendium to be a stark, liberal commentary, full of wit and satire and tell it like it is, straight/no chaser dialogue. The book is meaningful, thought-provoking and even humorous at times; certainly, a conversation starter. Available for $15 in late August ’20, you will surely want this keepsake of the last 3 presidencies and their political climates. (34 poems/64 pages with a color cover)

Our next production is in the works with a national call for poets to submit poems about the issue of Reparations or Juneteenth. 40 Acres: Poets Speak Reparations is scheduled for release June 2022.