© by Eileen Carole

My most hard-hitting poems about Black Lives Matter are in the anthology collections, Black & Blue

(Volumes 1 & 2) but I will share this one that was written after the book publication.

Just enough

Usually means barely

Almost, not quite enough

Nearly as good as

Lacking in full satisfaction

In the nick of time

Just before the appointed hour

By the skin of one’s teeth

Just under the wire, barely

By a narrow margin

A photo finish required

So, one begs to differ as to why

It’s the first syllable, root word of justice

Just: lawful, guided by truth, reason and fairness

The statue belies as equal under the law

Blindfolded in fairness

Upholding law and order and constitutional rights

A protection afforded all

Innocent till proven guilty

But after the Grand Jury ruled on the death of Breonna Taylor

We know that justice was not…not nearly enough

…barely representative of fair…certainly no satisfaction

Lady Liberty was blindfolded, but saw the Blue side

No photos or video to tell the truth

And so there was no justice for Breonna

Justice was not just

It was just not right!