© by Eileen Carole

The comment on ‘Women’s Rights’ brings to mind my poem in tribute to the 2020, 100-year anniversary of the Suffragette Movement.

Why was this an issue?

Why was it ever questioned?

Why doubt and denial?

You man, are born of woman

How could your very existence deny my equality?

Without me you have no sons

Without me you have no joy at night

I cook for you, clean for you, make your house a home

And you would think of me as less than

Unworthy of equality and full citizenship

With no say on political issues, incapable of voting

I too have rational thought and deductive reasoning,

Civic awareness, sense and sensibility

I will not be silent while being ignored

My gentle nature will not be complacent

I will not be told what I can and cannot do

Women stand beside each other, walking, marching

Withstanding pressure and scare tactics

How can you fix your mouth to say I am unworthy, that I do not count,

That my opinion is of no value?

You are born a woman; how dare you?